When I'm not doing philosophy, I can be found playing a variety of instruments (accordion, saxophone, xylophone, glockenspiel, piano) in several bands in St. Louis, such as The Opera Bell Band, Ryan Koenig and The Goldenrods, and the So. Grand Polka Band.
Besides music, I also make 2D stop motion videos out of paper. You can watch some of the videos below!

Green Lemon Buggy

My bandmate, Shane, and I co-created the video for Green Lemon Buggy. The video came in 2nd place in the City Garden Film Competition, and it was screened at both the 2019 St. Louis Filmmaker's Showcase and the 2019 St. Louis International Film Festival. 

Manchester Rain

Manchester Rain is a video I made for St. Louis musician, Gavin M.

I'd Rather Be Lonely

With You

I'd Rather Be Lonely With You is a video I made for St. Louis musician, Janet Evra

Pregnancy Announcement 

A pregnancy announcement video made for some friends

Show Teaser Ad

A 30 second teaser ad made to promote a show for my band. The video is all anagrams of the band name.